Do you need anything from the market? Are you ordering dinner from your favorite restaurant? A judge from the supermarket? No coffee on the morning adjusts your mood. Chakredi is the solution, our representatives provide you with the most rapid and affordable cost on the market. Shigardi order method is done by selecting the store from the search box, or the list of stores closest to you, or determining its location on the map. After determining the place and sending your request, one of our representatives will receive the order and go directly to the store to receive your order and bring it to you directly. You can determine the suitable place of delivery for you, whether your current location, home, office, rest, or the place you choose on the map. The sweet is that you can save your favorite delivery locations, to choose them quickly in future orders.

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أكبر دليل إلكتروني عن الخدمات

تطبيق بوابة وطن هو مبادرة من شباب سعوديين، نهدف من خلاله إلى تسهيل وصولك ومعرفتك بالخدمات العامة الكثيرة والمتنوعة والمقدمة لك، وإلى نشر الفائدة وحفظ الوقت والجهد والوصول للخدمة المطلوبة في الوقت المناسب.

 تطبيق بوابة وطن هو فقط دليلك الالكتروني ولايمثل اي جهة اخرى .


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